Effective 1 July 2024, all referrals for Monash Health Fertility will be received by the Royal Women’s Hospital Fertility Service via the Central Referral Service (CRS).

The CRS will triage the referrals and allocate them to either Monash Health Fertility or the Women’s Fertility Service, depending on availability and suitability.

The Royal Women’s Hospital fertility referral information and forms can be found here. Completed forms can be faxed to (03) 8345 3036. 

Monash Health Fertility is committed to the provision of safe, evidence-based, high-value management and treatment options for those who would like to grow their family but have been unable to become pregnant, or, who have medical conditions that reduce their fertility.

The fertility journey

The tests, therapies and treatments given as part of the fertility journey vary between individuals and couples. A fertility specialist will consult with each patient to design a management plan tailored to each person’s needs.


The GP or gynaecologist refer the individual or couple:

1. To Monash Health Fertility
2. For preliminary tests such as a blood test, pelvic ultrasound or semen analysis

Patients are advised not to undertake preliminary tests until contacted by Monash Health Fertility who coordinate all appointments.


Monash Health Fertility contacts prospective patient/s to book their initial appointment with the fertility doctor and arrange other preliminary tests such as ultrasound or blood tests.


The Fertility Specialist assesses the patient and may refer for further diagnostic medical tests.

The Fertility Specialist then develops a management plan tailored to the patient/s needs.


The clinical team delivers fertility services in line with the management plan. This may involve IVF/ICSI or a non-IVF approach, with nurse, counsellor, dietician or other consultation as appropriate.


If a pregnancy results, the patient will be discharged from Monash Health Fertility and transitioned to a maternity care program.

If a pregnancy does not result, further treatment options can be discussed with the Fertility Specialist.

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The GP refers:
1. The individual or couple
2. The patient/s for preliminary blood tests to be undertaken before their initial appointment

Our Administration team contacts the patient/s to organise an initial appointment.

The Fertility Specialist:
1. Assesses the patient/s
2. Refers for diagnostic tests

The patient/s undergo diagnostic tests and then return to see the Fertility Specialist who develops a management plan tailored to the patient/s needs.

IVF/ICSI Pathway OR Non-IVF Pathway with Nurse, Counsellor, Dietician consultations as appropriate

If a pregnancy results, the Fertility Specialist discharges the patient/s and they move to an obstetric care program.

If a pregnancy does not result, further treatment options are discussed with the Fertility Specialist.