Monash Health Fertility is partnering with The Royal Women’s Hospital Fertility Service to provide patient care during the coming months. This arrangement will remain in place until construction of our own laboratories is complete and our new facility is operational in 2025.

As per our previous communications, we require your consent to share your health information with The Women’s.

The confidentiality of your personal information is a top priority for us.

Additionally, if you currently have genetic material cryopreserved through Monash Health Fertility, we will  be transferring these materials from their current storage at City Fertility in Notting Hill to the Royal Women’s Hospital in Parkville.

The safe transfer and storage of your genetic material is our top priority, and the transfer will be undertaken by specialist medical transfer couriers. There is no cost involved for patients. This transfer will include all gametes (eggs and sperm), embryo(s) and tissue that has been cryopreserved (frozen) and stored.

Cryopreserved materials will be stored at the Royal Women’s Hospital or other partners until Monash Health Fertility’s own laboratories are complete and operationalised in 2025. Once this happens all Monash Health Fertility patient cryopreserved material will be safely transferred to the Clayton laboratories for storage.

We require two written consents from patients to allow these transfers to proceed.

The site sending the material (City Fertility) and the site receiving material (The Royal Women’s Hospital) both require written consent for transfer to proceed.

These written consent processes are important legislative requirements under the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008. We are committed to ensuring you are fully aware of where and how your genetic material is being stored.

Patients who do not provide written consent for this transfer to occur will incur the full costs of storage once our agreement with City Fertility concludes later in 2024.

Please find forms on this page for completion, consents for transport include consent for sharing of health information.

For patients with no stored material at City Fertility Notting Hill:

  • Consent for Sharing Health Information

Only for patients with material stored at City Fertility Notting Hill:

  • The Royal Women’s Hospital consent for transport
  • City Fertility’s consent for transport

If you do not have cryopreserved materials stored at City Fertility, please download and complete this form only:

Consent to transfer patient information

If you currently have cryopreserved materials stored at City Fertility you will need to fill out the form above as well as BOTH the forms below:

Consent to transfer genetic material – Royal Women’s Hospital

Consent to transfer genetic material – City Fertility

Take the time to read the form, and return the completed form(s) to MHFadmin@monashhealth.org to avoid incurring the costs of storage at City Fertility.