Find out if you are eligible for our services and how to access.

Accessing fertility services at Monash Health Fertility

A GP or gynaecologist referral is required for those wishing to access services at Monash Health Fertility.

Am I eligible?

Services at Monash Health Fertility are based on the below access criteria:

  • You must be a Victorian resident with a Medicare card
  • A maximum egg age of 42 years at time of treatment

The Victorian Government will provide funding for 2 stimulated cycles per person per lifetime.

A ‘stimulated cycle’ includes all the activities undertaken in order to grow follicles and collect eggs which are then frozen or fertilised through IVF or ICSI.

When discussing a referral your doctor or specialist may ask if you:

  • Are under 35 years of age and have tried to become pregnant for a year or more and have not been successful
  • Are between 35 and 42 years of age and have tried to become pregnant for 6 months or more and have not been successful
  • Have a diagnosed condition causing you to have lowered fertility such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, or a low sperm count
  • Have had recurrent miscarriages and do not have any children
  • Have or are a carrier of a single gene disorder (eg. cystic fibrosis, fragile X) and will therefore require embryo testing
  • Need fertility preservation due to medical treatment (eg. cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy)*
  • Need access to donor or surrogacy services (eg. single people or LGBTQI+ couples).

A woman’s age is the most important factor in her ability to become pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. Over 40 years of age, the chance of a woman delivering a baby through Assisted Reproductive Treatment is about 5%. As such, services at Monash Health Fertility are only available to those women who are 42 years of age or under.

*Monash Health Fertility does not provide egg freezing for non-medical or ‘personal’ reasons (such as a woman wishing to save her eggs in order to use them to have a baby at a more appropriate time in the future).

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