Referral acceptance information for patients

Monash Health Fertility has received a referral letter for you from your doctor. You have been assessed as eligible for this service, and subsequently, placed on a waiting list to see a fertility specialist.

Your doctor will have given you referrals for fertility–related tests (for example, a pelvic ultrasound or blood test). Please ensure that other participants in your fertility journey (for example, your partner, known sperm and/or egg donor, surrogate) attend their GP so that they too can be referred for the appropriate fertility-related tests. (Referrers can visit for more information on the required diagnostic tests.) This is essential before a future appointment with our fertility clinician can be made.

Fertility-related tests should not be undertaken by you or your fellow fertility journey participant/s until you are contacted by the Monash Health Fertility administration team who will assist in coordinating the appointments.

Please note that there is high demand for this service. Due to the time sensitive nature of fertility management, it is advised that you continue to pursue fertility treatment options outside of this publicly funded service.

Importantly, should your personal details change at any point in time (for example, name, address or phone number), contact our Administrative Team on 03 9594 6667 or


Monash Health Fertility